About Us

We are a cosmetic company that inspired and driven by the idea of ‘equality and beauty’. Our innovative matte lipstick line, are the first of many products which we would love to share them with you. It’s origin strung from the inspiration of the two best friends who like every other girls, growing up with self-doubt, and image conscious.  

We have always been astonished by the discrepancy between the level of influence pop culture has on people and the little level of political engagement that beauty companies and influencers actually exert. Therefore, when we are fortunate enough to be able to embarked on a business opportunity, our driving force naturally to promote beauty products that is carefully designed for all cultures, races, religions and genders.  In short, beauty should be made in consideration of equality. 

Our products are made not to only look good on the models in the campaign. It is designed to look good on anyone, that everyone will feel pretty using the same products as their peers.

We wish we could tell you more but not by words, but through our products. So you can experience for your self, and understand why we are so fixate with the idea of equality, beauty and that you can have cake and eat them too.